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Leadpoint On Demand -
Leadpoint's On Demand service offers more value to our customers over Traditional Staffing service delivery.

In the traditional staffing solution model, candidates are selected and sent out to the customer.  The customer accepts the temporary worker and goes through a time consuming on-boarding process.  If the temporary employee does not work out, the customer loses valuable time and the process begins again.

With Leadpoint On Demand, a Leadpoint representative meets the associate at our customer's location and performs all of the on-boarding tasks - making it a seamless process for our customer and while saving time and resource commitment to on-board an employee.

Leadpoint Workforce Optimization  -
When customers demand a larger contingent workforce, our Leadpoint Workforce Optimization program brings these services onsite.  Our program is managed by one of our professional onsite managers Lean Six Sigma quality principles and tools are applied thus providing the best possible service and maximizing workforce results.

Our unique brands of service were developed by listening to the Voice of the Customer and developing solutions that allow us to deliver High Performance Work Teams on Demand!

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